Dentist moving practice out of downtown due to uptick in criminal activity

Dr. Hayner's practice
Dr. Hayner's practice Photo credit Dr. Hayner

The surge in gun violence and other criminal activity is forcing one Downtown dentist to move out.

“I mean, foot traffic’s down, the optics on the street are horrible, I mean the exploding homelessness, open drug use is a huge problem,” said Dr. Christopher Hayner on The Big K Morning show. “It’s a toilet, 100 percent and people are just fed up with it.”

Dr. Hayner’s practice has been located in the Chamber of Commerce building on Seventh Avenue for 19 years, since 2004.

Now he's moving his business to the Strip District.

“Downtown’s a great area, I love my building, my building’s fantastic, it’s just kind of getting into it as a warzone out there,” said Dr. Hayner.

Dr. Hayner adds that other downtown business owners have told

Featured Image Photo Credit: Dr. Hayner