Diet, depression and your gut health

PITTSBURGH (100.1 FM and AM 1020 KDKA - Pittsburgh's world renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Joseph Maroon says there is a connection between brain and gut health that could be a cause for depression.

The human gut is made up of bacteria, viruses and fungi, called the microbiome.

There are thousands of different species of bacteria, all of which have very specific functions.

"People who are overweight, or obese, if you take the stool or feces from these patients and put them in a thin patient, the thin patient, or thin mice in animals, becomes obese," Maroon said during the KDKA Radio Morning Show Tuesday.

If you do the opposite, take stool from a thin mouse and put it into an obese mouse, it becomes thin.

"What we put in our gut - our diet, our exercise, stress - all of these factors have profound implications, without us even thinking or knowing about it, on our health," Maroon said.

These species also have a correlation to immune heath, diabetes and heart disease.

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