KDKA Radio Editorial: Never Ending Tolls

This week, the Turnpike Commission announced another toll increase for the coming year.

We’ll be paying 5 percent more in 2023. It’s been going on for 15 years straight.

And guess what?

It will continue for 28 more unless state lawmakers stop it.

The reason tolls are going up faster than inflation is: the same lawmakers passed legislation requiring the Turnpike send $400 million a year to PennDOT.

That number dropped this year almost 90%.

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But there’s still a problem: the Turnpike was borrowing money to stay current.

The only way the madness stops is when the General Assembly acts to do so.

Some politicians may ask: “How will we replace the money?’

May we suggest now is a good time to make use of the billions of unspent federal pandemic relief funds?

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