Kevin Battle Goes One-On-One With: Cheryl Tracy of the National Aviary

PITTSBURGH (Newsradio KDKA) - One of the jewels of the nation sites right on Pittsburgh’s North Side.  It does not get Federal funding but the facility and its leader is nationally recognized.  Navigating the Covid-era was difficult.  However, the National Aviary at Pittsburgh actually was able to expand in some ways.  Some very beautiful and surprising ways!  The attraction and educational center is now keeping its eye on another developing situation.  It is open nearly every day of the year - except Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day and a few others.  The National Aviary is home to 150 species and counting.  It is a tropical paradise, of sorts.  This Pittsburgh attraction has risen to national prominence and its leader is recognized as one of America’s top CEO’s and most respected executives.  She grew up in Pittsburgh and knows how important the facility is to the community, the country, and endangered species.  Her unique skill set is perfect for the national role she commands.

I hope you enjoy this edition of ‘Kevin Battle Goes One-On-One With: Cheryl Tracy and the National Aviary.’