One of the oldest Penguins in the U.S. turns 39 in Pittsburgh


One of the oldest Penguins in the United States is celebrating her 39th birthday.

Mickey, who lives at the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium is one year close to 40 today.

Mickey is a macaroni penguin. They’re known for the yellow feathered crest on their heads.

The penguin has been in Pittsburgh for 20 years. She was hatched at SeaWorld in San Diego on November 17, 1984.

“Mickey enjoys a diet of various seafood, largely smelt and capelin.,” Alex Cauley with the Zoo. “Though she’s an older gal, she’s very active and social within out penguin colony. Mickey’s been fortunate to be in good health, much a testament to the care she receives from our aquarium staff.”

If you want to visit Mickey and wish her a happy birthday you can see her in the Penguin exhibit and, once again this winter, will be participating in the Penguins on Parade march.

That’s held every weekend in December, January and February, depending on the weather.

Find more information on the Penguin march here.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium