Multiple black bear sightings reported in Beaver County

Bear in Beaver County
Bear in Beaver County Photo credit The Orrell family

A black bear or multiple bears have been spotted wandering around parts of Beaver County.

One bear was spotted in the Chippewa area on Wednesday night with one man commenting on Facebook, “he took my damn cushions off my deck.”

Then, on Thursday morning, a black bear was spotted in the New Brighton area.

One woman said the bear “ran out in front of my husband leaving our neighborhood for work.”

The Pennsylvania Game Commission says if you encounter a bear to make sure you alert the bear, “giving it ample time and space to turn and leave.”

Also, get back away slowly while facing the bear, while trying to stay calm and don’t run or climb a tree.

While bear attacks are extremely rare, they do happen. Earlier this week, two children were attacked by a bear in eastern Pennsylvania.

If you need to fight, bears can be driven away with rocks, sticks, other items you have and sometimes even bear hands.

Featured Image Photo Credit: The Orrell family