Pa. Congressman Reschenthaler: 'PennDOT is currently sitting on a $10 billion surplus.'

PITTSBURGH (Newsradio KDKA) - The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation wants to toll an additional nine bridges and highways across the commonwealth.

Congressman Guy Reschenthaler, of Pennsylvania's 14th District, disagrees with the proposition.

"I'm all for new roads, bridges, and maintaining the ones we have. I just don't want to have the federal government give PennDOT millions of dollars, and then have PennDOT turn around while sitting on a surplus, and take more money from Pennsylvanians," Reschenthaler said during the KDKA Radio Morning Show Wednesday.

PennDOT is currently sitting on a $10 billion surplus.

"This isn't just all from the Covid relief package. They were sitting on multiple billions of dollars in surplus to begin with," said Reschenthaler.

If the roads and bridges are tolled, a lot of the traffic will be diverted to secondary roads not meant for heavy congestion.

"When I was in the state senate, I said we don't have a revenue problem. The revenue is there. What we have in Pennsylvania is a spending problem," Reschenthaler said. "If you look at the money, we spend it faster than it comes in.