Pittsburgh could have city-sanctioned homeless tent camps

Access to electricity and water would be required
Homeless camps
Homeless camps Photo credit Getty Images

A bill proposed by Pittsburgh City Council Members Deb Gross and Anthony Goghill would create city-sanctioned homeless camps.

The bill says the goal is to “grant flexibility from building form and site design requirements for providers of temporary shelter for people who are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of becoming homeless.”

The homeless camps would have a four-year permit with the opportunity to reapply for an additional four years.

The camps would also have to have access to electricity and running water, along with heat.

The bill also says that access to bathrooms would be provided at the outdoor camps.

No more than 50 people would be able to occupy the shelter at a time.

Multiple shelters would likely be set up around the city.

The authors of the bill say they need to address the lack of temporary and permanent housing for homeless people in the area.

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