Ross Township man indicted for threatening members of Congress


A Pittsburgh area man is facing charges after being accused of sending threatening communications to members of Congress.

Harry Miller, a 62-year-old resident of Ross Township was indicted on three counts.

"Threatening to injure members of Congress is a crime, not protected-speech," said U.S. Attorney Brady. "As the events of the past year show, there are individuals intent on harming our public servants and law enforcement. We will vigorously and proactively investigate, disrupt and prosecute those individuals when they violate federal law."

The indictment states that in one instance, Miller is alleged to have made a phone call to U.S. Representative Katherine Clark’s Malden, Massachusetts district office stating that he was willing to abolish the government by spilling blood by taking out a number of democrats, including Clark. He also allegedly stated that he would shoot black people to keep the in line. In addition he said a congressional staffer would die in his coming civil war after calling the staffer an expletive.

A second incident happened on or about January 7, 2020 according to the indictment. Miller allegedly called U.S. Senator Richard Burr’s D.C. office and threatened to put a bullet in the senator's head.

The third incident occurred on or about the same date, when Miller allegedly made another call to Burr's office. That call was transferred to someone in Tennessee. Miller allegedly stated that if he traveled to D.C., he'd be willing to s