Psychiatrists raising money for mental health treatment for Ukrainians

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As the war in Ukraine continues, professors in Pittsburgh are trying to reduce the mental health impact.

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Psychiatry professors Drs. Alex Dombrovski and Carmen Andreescu are leading the charge in Pittsburgh to raise money for mental health care in Ukraine.

Dombrovski says many Ukranians are experiencing immense stress and trauma.

“What we are dealing with is a concerted terror campaign. This is not collateral damage. That makes this a mental health emergency unlike any other before.”

Along with mental health resources, donations also provide aid to Ukranian hospitals. He say's they've raised $15,000 in private donations, but are looking for more help.

Dr. Andreescu and Dr. Dombrovski were put in touch with the Federation Global Initiative on Psychiatry.

“Possibly millions of Ukrainians have suffered trauma and are now in a state of acute stress and in need of support.”

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