Get Marty: She has no heat and black mold is overtaking her home

See what happens when one woman's home heating nightmare gets worse and how two companies are coming to the rescue.

We've got a big one for you. It all starts with a very sweet woman whose furnace was on the fritz and she needed help.

Our friends at TUDI Mechanical Systems came out to check on a problem with Sharon Berke's furnace at her home in Cranberry Township.

When they got into her basement, they discovered a much much bigger problem that was taking over the house.

Basement mold
Photo credit Get Marty

Black mold was literally everywhere. On the walls, inside the walls, every surface... covered and tainted.

Over time that type of mold can lead to serious health problems and it can even be deadly. Man did the guys at TUDI step up.

They called in a mold remediation and cleanup specialist: Cleanup Services. In the video on this page you'll meet Sharon and her new best friend, Mike Davis from Cleanup Services.

Cleanup Services
Cleanup Services Photo credit Get Marty

Talk about amazing, they brought a small army of workers who went to task getting that dangerous mold out of Sharon's home.

This is much more than wiping down some walls. They had to strip the walls down to the studs, and in many cases the studs had to go too.

The even bigger piece here is the kindness. Mike's team is doing this for FREE. Sharon is widowed and lives alone and simply doesn't have the means to take care of something like this.

Once all of the mold is removed, the TUDI team will finish the installation of a new furnace and make sure that she is good to go.

How amazing is it that two companies would come together like this to make such a huge difference for someone?

That's inspiring stuff right there, and just in time for the winter and holiday season!

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