Survey: Post-pandemic workout injuries are on the rise

Workout Injuries
Photo credit Getty Images

More people are reporting workout-related injuries as they jump back in for the first time since the pandemic.

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A recent survey by OnePoll showed that about 70% of Americans ditched their fitness routines during the pandemic.

Though many of them want to get back to pre-pandemic form, some are finding it more physically daunting than expected.

Matthew Darnell, sports science professor at Pitt, says returning to workouts takes some patience.

“It’s really one of those things that if you don’t use it, you lose it. The good news is, that if you reintroduce slowly back into it, you can quickly get back to that level before.”

He says overdoing it can lead to injury, and suggests by starting with about half of your full effort and working up.

Darnell also said the best method is to reintroduce exercise slowly, and work back to your previous routine.

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