Women call out billboard that features a Swastika and 'hate speech'

The electronic billboard is along Rt. 422 in Butler

A digital billboard many find offensive is causing controversy in Butler County.

Two woman named Heidi and Jessica are concerned about the billboard, along Route 422 in Summit Township, that they say has a rotation of offensive signs that include phrases like “Whites are under attack stop it now!!”, “Stop teaching critical racist theory to our kids”, “FBI corrupt & dangerous the gestapo” featuring Nazi swastika, as well as message critical of same sex marriage and another that claims Senator John Fetterman wants to legalize heroine.

The owner of the billboard, John Placek tells the Cranberry Eagle that he paid $150,000 to put the billboard up and that he did it because it’s his mission from God.

The billboard recently began operating this month.

But Heidi and Jessica have a problem with the electronic billboard because school buses go past it with elementary students on it and with a nearby train crossing, the bus sometimes sits there for an extended time.

“A lot of the time in the afternoon, the bus is going to sit at that intersection for five, ten minutes at a time,” Jessica told the Big K Morning Show.

They say the there is no place for “fascist propaganda” in their town.

The women say that they don’t have any legal avenues to take but they want to at least start a conversation.

Placek also has another billboard in the Worthington area and could be planning to put more up.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Jessica/Get Marty