You can help make this Mr. Rogers set a reality

Mr. Rogers Lego set
Mr. Rogers Lego set Photo credit Lego/Bricksmitherd

A concept Lego set would take you back to the set of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”.

Created by someone named “Bricksmitherd” on Lego’s website, features all of the memorable items and props on the set of the beloved, Pittsburgh-based children’s show.

Along with Mr. Rogers, Mr. McFeely and Officer Clemmons are part of the set that also features Picture, Picture, the fish tank, stop light, kitchen, Neighborhood Trolley and more!

The other side of the set takes you to the Neighborhood of Make-believe with a Lady Aberlin figure.

Miniature members of the neighborhood like King Friday, X the Owl, Henrietta Pussycat and Daniel Tiger are also featured.

The designer of the set says on Lego’s site there are a lot of Easter eggs throughout the set and said in part:

Mister Rogers lived a long and full life, passing away at the age of 74 in the year 2003. Here in 2023, the twentieth anniversary of his passing, I was inspired by my love for Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood to recreate his famous television home and the Neighborhood of Make-Believe into one stunning set in a beautifully-detailed tribute to the man and his long-running show. Flip the switch and hop on the trolley; it’s time to visit the Neighborhood!

You can support the project on Lego’s website.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Lego/Bricksmitherd