'Redneck, SOB': Hard-as-nails carpenter gets humorous obit that goes viral

obituary picture
The late Kenneth Joseph Pluhar Jr. Photo credit Halliea Milner

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- America is appreciating the life and legacy of a man from Southern Illinois, thanks to an unorthodox and hilarious obituary.

Kenneth "Kenne" Joseph Pluhar, Jr. of Alton, 62, died recently of sepsis, his family announced in an obituary published March 10.

It’s the unconventional wording of the announcement that is rippling well beyond the St. Louis area. The tribute written by his only daughter is filled with humor and a smattering of profanity.

“ … this hard as nails, redneck, SOB finally found something meaner and more stubborn than himself,” the obituary says.

“Like any good card-carrying, ray ban wearing, camo coverall lovin' redneck, Kenne had 3 true loves: hunting, fishing, and drinking. He liked ‘both kinds of music -- country AND western.’”

The obituary goes on to detail Pluhar’s four marriages and divorces and says he “took the idea of being ‘hard to love’ as a personal challenge.”

Kenneth Pluhar and his daughter at wedding
In happy times: Kenne Pluhar, left, with his daughter, Halliea Milner Photo credit Halliea Milner

Halliea Milner, Pluhar’s daughter, says people understood the tongue-in-cheek nature of the obituary, even after it went viral and got national attention. Kidding aside, she says, her father was a successful carpenter and Renaissance man who played violin and harmonica.

“He was genuine and awesome to be around and funny and quirky,” she told WBBM Newsradio on Thursday. "He was a great guy. You always had a good time with him, you know?"

In lieu of flowers, Milner invites people to visit a Dollar Store in her father’s honor. A celebration of life was planned for March 24 at the Moose Lodge in Wood River, Illinois.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Halliea Milner