Tired of paying for gas? Here are the most bike-friendly cities in America in 2022

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Going to the gas station is downright painful these days. We've seen some of the highest gas prices in history this year and people are fed up. It's gotten so bad that some drivers are even ditching their four wheels for two.

It's entirely possible to go about your daily life and get around on a bicycle, but some cities are obviously more bike-friendly than others. Where are they? A new report looked over data to determine the best and worst cities for bicyclists in America.

The report from ARRIS, a California-based manufacturer of next-gen composites for mass market products, analyzed cities with a population of more than 500,000 that have a bike sharing system, like Chicago's Divvy bikes or Citi Bike in New York. Researchers used several factors to conduct a weighted analysis, including air quality, bicyclist fatality rates, bicyclist commuter statistics, average rainfall and average sunshine.

According to the list, the number one city in the country for biking is San Francisco. The city earned perfect scores in every category except for average sunshine.

It's no surprise as another West Coast city comes in at number two: Sacramento. The city took the second spot thanks to its good air quality, high bicyclist commuter rates and low average rainfall.

Rounding out the top three cities is Tucson, which ranked third among the cities with a high commuter rate and average sunshine.

Most Bike-Friendly Cities
• San Francisco, CA
• Sacramento, CA
• Tucson, AZ
• Boston, MA
• El Paso, TX
• Las Vegas, NV
• Seattle, WA
• Portland, OR
• Washington D.C.
• Philadelphia, PA

Among those at the bottom of the list, Houston ranked worst due to poor air quality and bicyclist safety. Indianapolis is close behind, due to a lack of commuter cyclists and low sunshine, and Louisville is third worst, due to its lack of commuters, high rainfall, poor air quality and low sunshine.

Least Bike-Friendly Cities
• Houston, TX
• Indianapolis, IN
• Louisville, KY
• Atlanta, GA
• Memphis, TN
• Nashville, TN
• Detroit, MI
• Baltimore, MD
• Fort Worth, TX
• San Antonio, TX

Cities that fell between the best and worst of the list include Denver, San Diego, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Chicago, Austin, New York City, Charlotte, Oklahoma City and Columbus.

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