Incomplete, unreported COVID-19 nursing home data all across Pennsylvania

Dr. Rachel Levine
Dr. Rachel Levine Photo credit Caroline Brehman-Pool/Getty Images

PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - Former Secretary of Health for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Dr. Rachel Levine, was questioned about the state's accuracy in reporting COVID-19 nursing home deaths during her senate confirmation hearing, as Joe Biden's assistant secretary of health last week.

Sen. Susan Collins asked Levine if Pennsylvania was involved in any
under-reporting of deaths in nursing homes or long-term care facilities.

Spotlight PA Reporter, Jamie Martines, said Levine's response "wasn't precise."

Martines discovered unreported information in nursing homes all across the state.

"When I did my first round of reporting, there were several dozens of nursing homes that were simply reporting no data," said Martines, during the KDKA Radio Morning Show Monday. "It became a question of well, is it missing because of the state? Or is it missing because the homes aren't reporting it."

Martines raised the same questions just days ago.

"To date, when I checked the reports last week, there were still about 100 facilities that were reporting no data," Martines said.

You can listen to the full interview with Martines below.