You can now buy a Bernie Sanders inauguration meme themed sweatshirt

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders once again took the world of online memes by storm this week when an image of him bundled up at President Joe Biden's inauguration appeared online.

Sanders was wearing a large, brown parka, mittens and face mask, all the while sitting socially distanced and alone in a folding chair at the event in Washington, DC.

One website even created a tool to allow people to drop in the image of Bernie in almost any location on earth.

And while the online community has had some fun with the creative memes, the senator is putting the viral nature of that fun to work for a charity.

Sanders is now selling brown, longsleeve, crewneck sweatshirts with his inauguration image printed on the front.

Sanders' website says 100% of the proceeds will benefit Meals on Wheels Vermont.

Interested in purchasing one for yourself? You can visit his website, be aware that it could take a while to receive it. A notice posted on his site's store page reads, "Due to overwhelming demand for this item, it will be 3-6 weeks until you receive your sweatshirt."

While you wait for your order, feel free to make more Bernie memes.