Giuliani suggests Biden family is a crime syndicate family: 'You're damn right it is'

"This is a 30 year long criminal enterprise in which Biden uses his relatives to shake people down for money."

Rudolph Giuliani, personal attorney for President Donald Trump and former New York city mayor, says he has a hard drive that allegedly contains photos and text from a computer once owned by Hunter Biden and shows evidence of federal crimes.

Giuliani told the KDKA Radio Morning Show that the photographs on the drive are "indescribable and not properly described if any children are listening. You have to see it to believe it." He went on to say, "they do reveal a certain number of federal crimes, the photographs themselves."

Giuliani then quoted the text of one message that he says is from Hunter to his daughter which reads "I have had to support this family on my own for 30 years and Pop still required me to kick 50 percent of my salary back to him."

KDKA Radio's Larry Richert said to Giuliani that what he's suggesting is that this is some kind of crime syndicate family.

Giuliani replied, "You're damn right it is! Look, I started the RICO prosecutions. I'm not talking from lack of knowledge. I prosecuted, who knows, 200 mafia members in the United States, about 800 in Italy. I prosecuted the top people on Wall Street, United States Congressmen, turned around New York City. I prosecuted the commissioners in New York City before I was the mayor of New York City, so I'm not talking off the top of my hat.

"This is a 30 year long criminal enterprise in which Biden uses his relatives to shake people down for money. They hold the money and then they pay for Joe's expenses and they give him extra money."

Giuliani said this explains how Joe Biden was able to "afford these very, very elaborate mansion-type houses on the limited salary of a senator and teacher. No one's every known that. Well, now we know the answer to it."

Giuliani went on to say, "I can say this unequivocally - and I don't say this to be mean, I say it just to be factual - Hunter Biden is a seriously addicted drug addict. He is incapable of more than two or three days of any kind of rational work."

"So now you have to say to yourself, 'how did this man earn $30 or $40 million?' Nobody would pay it to him., particularly if you're a crooked Ukrainian businessman," he said.

"You're not gonna hire a broken down crack addict who had just gotten thrown out of the military for being a crack addict. So you've got to raise the question - 'who's the $14 million dollars going to?' Well, who's the logical person? The guy who had the most power in the Ukraine because Obama gave it to him. The guy who could determine whether Ukraine lives or dies," Giuliani explained. "And the gentleman paying him is the most crooked man in the Ukraine, worth $5 billion that he stole. Deathly afraid that the government of the Ukraine is going to cease his business.

"The bribe is he hires Hunter Biden who doesn't know anything about this work and nobody would hire," said Giuliani.

While some may accuse Giuliani of throwing shade just weeks before the election, he says the evidence is out there, published by the New York Post.

On Wednesday, the Post published a story claiming to have received emails from Hunter Biden's computer that allegedly show that Hunter introduced his father, then Vice President, Joe Biden to the Ukrainian businessman.

The former VP has claimed that he never spoken to his son about his overseas buisiness. The emails, if authentic, would contradict that claim.

The Post also released emails that allegedly show business dealings between Hunter Biden and high-level members of the Chinese Communist Party. Giuliani read part of a memo to KDKA Radio which he said states, "10 additional percent to given to H, meaning Hunter, for the big guy. So one would say 'who's the big guy?'," said Giuliani. "Well, you kind of think it's Joe, but you don't have to think very far because the next day or two, they're opening up their office and Hunter sends a memo to the Chinese guy saying 'I want a key and an office for Joe Biden, Jill Biden and James Biden.' What's he doing co-locating his father with a Chinese communist if the father wasn't in business with the Chinese communist and getting 10 percent of the equity and then the half kickback from Hunter?," asked Giuliani.

He went on to say the whole situation deserves a "major investigation" and a look into the Biden finances.

When asked who he'll give the hard drive to, Giuliani responded, "I'm going to give the hard drive to any law enforcement agent who has a pair of balls."

The KDKA Radio Morning Show asked Giuliani if there's a possibility that this hard drive was manufactured by Russians trying to feed information to him. He exclaimed "Oh my God, Russia is not feeding me information! That's a bunch of intelligence crap. First of all, they never warned me of that. They're supposed to warn me if I'm in contact with a Russian agent. I'm in and out of the White House once a week. It would be very easy to sit me down and say 'oh, you've got to be very careful, that guy you're dealing with is a Russian agent,' said Giuliani. "Second, he's not a Russian, he's a Ukrainian. Third, he has nothing to do with this hard drive. And fourth, he has no evidence about Hunter Biden. That was all about something else. It's about $3 billion in American foreign aid that the Ukrainians stole and that Obama covered up."

While some are calling the release of information the drive is the "October surprise." Giuliani said the Biden situation is close to being a traitor to the country when you do something like this. "I mean they're doing business with our biggest enemy, China. There's no doubt about that. There's no doubt - the documents are there. We're going to elect a president whose son and brother partners with the Chinese communist government at a time in which China just attacked and killed over 200,000 of us and this man was notoriously quiet about it?

"This man said the most extraordinarily stupid thing I ever heard - 'China is no threat to the United States'. Nobody else believes that but Joe Biden," said Giuliani. "Now, did China pay Joe to believe that? That's a good question. Never gets asked."

Giuliana said he hasn't seen any evidence of the Trump family being cozy with the Chinese despite allegations to the contrary.

He said allegations like that are put out and a "compliant media repeats it." He said "All you had to do is look at the two town hall meetings last night, you can get an idea of what's happening. The entire media is trying to elect Joe Biden."

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