PA Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward facing surgery following battle with breast cancer

Ward tells Marty Griffin she faces major surgery; pleads 'Get your screenings'

Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward made a major announcement regarding her health this morning on the Marty Griffin show on NewsRadio KDKA.

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer the first week in December", she says. "Stage one. No lymph node involvement. But I had some great doctors. We did four treatments of chemo. I'm done. I've been done for five weeks. I had a lumpectomy and we're going to have a few more surgeries".

Ward says she will try to use her position to try to advance changes in the healthy care system with the insurance industry.

Sen. Ward says she found out in December just two weeks after becoming Majority Leader.

Ward says she missed her mammogram last year because of COVID, and now she's pleading with people to get their screenings.

"You know, I don't know if it would have changed much, maybe just made it even a little bit smaller, but I would tell people to go and get those
3-D mammograms", she says.

Sen. Ward, so far, is winning her battle against cancer, but she still faces major surgery - a double mastectomy.

Ward is the first woman in the history of the Pennsylvania Legislature to serve as Majority Leader in either the Pennsylvania House or Senate.