This could be the last, best weekend to see these giant sunflowers in St. Louis

Sunflowers at Columbia Bottom Conservation Area

SPANISH LAKE, Mo (KMOX) - Time is running out on the best chances to see sunflowers as tall as you (sometimes taller) in St. Louis County. The sunflower plots of Columbia Bottom Conservation Area is marketed as one of the best photo ops of the summer in St. Louis. 

But the Missouri Department of Conservation says you have fewer than 10 days now to see the gorgeous plants at their best. A post on Facebook shared on Tuesday says this coming weekend will be the last weekend of peak bloom. 

Columbia Bottom Conservation Area is managed to create a mosaic of bottomland habitats that includes shallow wetlands, bottomland hardwoods, prairie, and cropland. It is located at 801 Strodtman Road. The area can be reached by taking the Riverview Drive Exit from I-270 and traveling north approximately three miles. The area is open every day from a half hour before sunrise until a half hour past sunset.