How Many Spots in Line Can One Person Save for Their Friends?

On line
Standing in line Photo credit Getty Images

You've seen this happen before, or maybe you've even done it . . .

You're standing in line for a movie or a bar, and your friends aren't there yet.  So they ask you to save THEM a spot in line.

Is it ever okay to do that?  And what's the maximum number of spots one person can hold?

Someone polled 10,000 Americans, and close to a third of us say the answer is ZERO. 30% said it's not socially acceptable to join your friend in line, period.

Another 29% said saving a spot in line for one person is okay.  And 14% said two.

11% say MORE than that is still fine . . . including 3% who said you can save a spot for five people or more.

In general, the older you are, the less likely you are to think it's okay.  Only 17% of people under 25 said it's NEVER okay to save a spot in line.  38% of people over 55 said the same.