Jon Biemer discusses his new book, "Our Environmental Handprints"

OUR ENVIRONMENTAL HANDPRINTS: Recover the Land, Reverse Global Warming, Reclaim the Future, by Portland Mechanical Engineer & Energy Conservation Expert Jon Biemer is the first book to fully explore your “Handprint” – how you can create sustainability in your life and in the world.

Your Handprint is limited only by your imagination. The good you do can be greater than your Footprint. Footprints are good for quantifying cost and carbon. Handprints are better for quantifying changes in the system.
Footprints encourage us to consume less. Handprints encourage us to be proactive, even entrepreneurial.

In this interview, Biemer discusses:

*How we can make a difference with the choices we make about the clothing we buy, the investments we make, and even the food we choose to eat.

*How Handprint Thinking applies to shelter (eco-remodeling and LEED buildings), motion (electric cars and living without a car), and earth-friendly energy.

*The Handprint suggestions that will help readers align their interests, lifestyle, and motivations toward a more sustainable earth.

*A planet-friendly diet.

*Strategies to create sustainability in your everyday life.

*What individuals can do to complement larger initiatives to reduce carbon buildup.