Spirit of the I.E. - Riverside Corona Resource Conservation District is working to preserve endangered monarch butterflies

RCRCD's Diana Ruiz with K-Frog's Pepper
Photo credit Philip Vaughan / Audacy

Our parent company, Audacy, celebrates Earth Day, by sending our employees out to participate in local environmental service projects that are making a positive impact on our communities and the planet. It’s part of our 1Day1Thing initiative, as we work to spread the message that if well do one thing to help the environment - together, millions of things - we can really make a difference for our planet.

This year, the K-Frog Family has chosen to work with Riverside Corona Resource Conservation District to help with their butterfly habitat project in Riverside. Diana Ruiz, Public Affairs Manager for RCRCD, discusses the services offered by RCRCD, the plight of the monarch butterfly, and how the public can help.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Philip Vaughan / Audacy