Taylor's Adventures - 3 places you can drive on the beach at the Oregon Coast

Time to pack some blankets and head to the beach for a gorgeous sunset!
Photo credit Taylor with her pup on the beach

Have you ever experienced a gorgeous Oregon Coast sunset from the comfort of your car? It's the BEST! There are 3 spots on the Oregon Coast that you can drive on the beach and it's truly an experience that I will always take advantage of. Pack a bag, some blankets, a snack and a few drinks.. it's time to head out for the weekend!

1. Sunset Beach Rec. Site (North Coast)
This is personally my all time favorite spot! Mainly for the name - how cute! My dogs love the wide open space and availability. There isn't too many people who come to this specific spot, and we love it.

2. Pacific City (North/Central Coast)
Though it takes a bit to get to Pacific City if you're from the Portland area, it is definitely worth the drive! Everywhere in Pacific City is driveable, and there are marked areas where you must have your car parked. This is definitely more of a crowded area, but also has lots of food and bar options right off of the coast! Snag a hotel in town for the full experience!

3. Tierra Del Mar (North/Central Coast)
This driving access is available year round! This isn't too far from Pacific City, so this might be a spot where you can visit two spots in one visit. This secured spot will definitely be less crowded and a better option for bigger groups or those who are looking for more of an intimate setting. Nonetheless, each of these drivable beach spots are absolutely beautiful and worth the drive on a sunny day! Be sure to get out of your comfort zone and experience some adventure this upcoming weekend. You deserve it! - Taylor