OPINION: Seahawks Winding Up For 2nd Half Push

Mike Hawk's Fired Up
Photo credit Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Ayo 12s!
Everybody have a good week off? Well rested? Had fun watching football all day stress-free? Good! Time to get back on the train, there's some big news stirring. First off, peek at exhibit A here:

Story goes that the doctor that performed the surgery has cleared our boy Russ for a return and can play this coming week against the Packers. If this was Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers, Matt Ryan, or Matt Stafford, we may be waiting an extra week to ensure that he's back to 100%. But this is Russell Wilson, the man that took painstaking measures to be able to play after getting his ankles royally trashed in a week 2 game against the Dolphins years ago. I have no doubt in my mind that our boy will be back in action this week, which I believe to be a good move. Whether HIS play is effective or not, just having him in the huddle changes the dynamic of this crew.

Secondly, ears to the ground suggest, stronger than normal, that we may be the landing spot for a big time receiver that has recently been released, Odell Beckham Jr. Now, rumors fly everywhere and it comes down to who wants him the worst. But, just imagine with me for a second, with he, DK and Lockett all running downfield, that finally may be what opens opposing defenses up enough to get the effective run game Pete wants, and could give us an edge coming into the 2nd half of this season.

He wants more targets, which I don't know that he'll get given the situation he'd be coming in to, but he'd be the X-factor for sure. Chances are you already know what his decision is before reading this. Either way, I feel good about our situation coming into this weekend, playing or not, Rogers has created an unstable situation in Green Bay which may also work to our advantage. We'll see how the cookie crumbles. With that....Mike Hawk is OUT!

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