Skillet singer John Cooper jumps into Trump Twitter debate: 'Freedom of speech is gonna be gone'

'I think it’s got a lot of people really freaked out'
John Cooper of Skillet
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Skillet singer John Cooper is condemning the recent de-platforming of President Donald Trump on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and other social media platforms that he has consistently used to get out his message.

Sharing his thoughts via YouTube, Skillet's Cooper addressed the ongoing social media disruptions that followed a deadly attack on the United States Capitol Building by pro-Trump rioters saying, "there’s tons of people that are conservative that don’t like Trump’s tweets. There’s tons of people that kind of wish he wouldn’t tweet so much. I don’t think that’s what people are freaked out about."

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Personally, Cooper says he doesn't follow Trump on Twitter. "I’m not into it. Some people love it; some people hate it; some people are in between," he says. While admitting, "people say all sorts of weird stuff on Twitter, all sorts of violent, inflammatory stuff... that is not gonna lead to somewhere good, and I think it’s got a lot of people really freaked out." He goes on to say, however. that the "freakiest" thought to him is that "Twitter has the power to censor the president."

"What does that mean," Cooper asks. "I think that’s what people are freaking out about."

Addressing cancel-culture at large, Cooper feels "freedom of speech is gonna be gone" while alleging, "influential people in the cultural elite" are calling for news sources to be "yanked down."

"Even CNN is calling for Fox News to be yanked down from the cable stations. I don’t know what this is gonna mean,” says Cooper.

All That Remains singer Phil Labonte also weighed in, writing an open letter to his New Hampshire Governor, Chris Sununu, and posting it on his own social media channels.

Labonte, who also does not identify as a Trump supporter, also feels shutting down a user's opinion on social media is the wrong path.

"I believe, and fear, that the violence that occurred in Washington D.C. on January 6th is only a taste of what is likely to come in our country. The suppression of opinions deemed unacceptable and the efforts to censor are indicative of, whoa seem me to be, irreconcilable differences -- and I worry that it could further add fuel to the fire."

Labonte ended his letter asking the governor to "support an Article V Convention to either bring the Federal Government back in line with its Constitutional limits or abolish the United States entirely.”

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