TRAPT plans to sue Facebook after 'Proud Boys' post gets account deleted

Singer Chris Taylor Brown believes he is being targeted unfairly
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It looks like the far-right leaning social media posts from rock band TRAPT have landed them in hot water on Facebook.

Apparently, after posting a photo in support of the "Proud Boys" movement, the social giant seems to have removed their account completely from the platform. In a message posted to the band's Twitter page, an explanation was offered.

The image showing the silhouette of what looks like a "Proud Boy" cradling the Statue of Liberty, along with the words "Don’t Worry Girl, We Got You," had been flagged by users as hate speech, ultimately leading to the removal of the account.

It seems TRAPT singer Chris Taylor Brown, whose personal Instagram account was also affected, plans to sue because he believes he is being targeted unfairly.

Facebook has been taking unprecedented steps to limit the spread of hate speech within its environment, labeling posts as misinformation leading into, during, and in the weeks following the 2020 U.S. election while canceling accounts and groups known to enable their spread.

Although the "Proud Boys" movement has been deemed a “dangerous white supremacist group” by American intelligence officials and the Southern Poverty Law Center, Brown appears to disagree.

In response to a Tweet from Huffington Post reporter Luke O'Brien warning his followers about the group linking to an article from Vice, Brown who manages the band's social presence said, "Proud Boys are a defensive group. Those boys were out there to protect those who want to protest without being attacked. You are a moron @lukeobrien when you point out only one side is violent. We can all be violent sometimes..."

While it is becoming clear that Facebook (and the company-owned Instagram) has had enough with the band and Brown's posts, for now you can follow along on Twitter and the new conservative-friendly social network Parler.

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