Mother tells beach-going woman to stop 'distracting' sons who spied on her with drone

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A woman who often goes for a relaxing swim each morning at a beach by her home one day noticed a drone hovering in her vicinity.

The woman, who posted about the dilemma on Reddit, said she was never really concerned because it was never "really close," according to Cafe Mom.

However, one morning she went into a nearby shop close to the beach where she was approached by a woman.

The random woman told the beachgoer that she needs to stop being such a "distraction" to her three sons, in order to prevent them from spying on her with the drone.

The mother said her boys would often wake up early to watch her swim. She also said her sons, aged 11, 12 and 13, were going through puberty, and that it was perfectly normal for them to be "curious."

The woman was confused and a little creeped out, telling the mother that "her attitude was disturbing and that she should discipline her children instead of warning me about them."

The mother told the woman to stop going to the beach if she feels uncomfortable, and the mother "got angry that I criticised their parenting (or lack thereof), told me to show 'respect' and said that I don't know what I'm talking about since I'm not a mother raising three boys."

She took to Reddit wondering if she was in the wrong because the mother blew up at her.

The opinions from other Redditors were overwhelmingly on the beachgoer's side.

One person wrote, "This woman thinks it's normal and okay for her teenage sons to creep on a woman and then has the nerve to tell you it's your fault and you shouldn't go to a public beach."

Another user who said she's a mother herself agreed that it was not the swimmer's fault.

Another said, "As the mother of two boys, absolutely NTA. Puberty isn't an excuse for terrible action, it's a pivotal point to teach these children not to be [expletive] creeps. She should be teaching them that you are a real person and not some centerfold there for their amusement."

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