We’re sad to say, that wine pours at restaurants are in fact getting smaller

Red wine being poured into a glass
Red wine being poured into a glass Photo credit Getty Images/igorr1

For those of us who like to enjoy a glass of wine (or three) with dinner, we have bad news for you…the pours are getting smaller.

International investor Brian Hogan took an important client out to eat in New York, and his usually “mild-mannered” client was appalled at the miniscule size of his serving.

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Hogan told the New York Post, “He thought the pour was ridiculous and offensive.  When he measured, it turned out to be only 4 ounces.”

Yes, our wine pours are getting smaller, and even if you don’t realize, you know the reason why…inflation.  Because wine prices are rising, our pours are getting tinier.

A standard bottle of wine contains 25.4 ounces, which means a 6-ounce pour will yield four glasses.  A 5-ounce glass will deliver five, and 4ounces will get you six.

A sommelier at a Manhattan restaurant said, “During COVID, we were told to make sure we got five glasses out of a bottle, rather than the four we were used to getting.”

Vladimir Kolotyan is a partner in two restaurants in New York and despite the rising costs, will still adhere to 6-ounce pours for his customers.

He said, “All our wine costs went up … but we felt that customers will forgive you if you overcook their meat a bit, but will not forgive you if you skimp, so we added one dollar to some of the glass prices and left some the same, but never touched the size.”

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