Woman says she breastfed her husband while on vacation because she forgot her pump

Automatic breastmilk pump
Automatic breastmilk pump Photo credit Getty Images/Asawin_Klabma

TikTok users Janelle and Josh recently took a vacation to Puerto Rico when early on the trip, Janelle made a horrible discovery: she forgot her breastmilk pump at home.

Because it was just the two of them, Janelle was in a bind, because her breasts were starting to hurt from not having pumped.  She could only think of one solution.

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Janelle explained in one of her videos, “So you know the part in your marriage vows 'for better or for worse', well I had to take my husband up on that.”

Because it was just the two of them, Janelle had to breastfeed Josh in order to alleviate some of the pain.

The video has over 14,000 likes thus far, and obviously people are shocked to see the measures this couple went to, and obviously had some questions.

One person in particular asked, “Did you at least give him cookies to go along with it?”

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images/Asawin_Klabma