Dana & Parks: An eggshell debate – what do you do with them?

cracked eggshells
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Likely we've not thought about this... but what do you do with eggshells once you've cracked the egg?

Dana's friend wrote on Twitter that she'd learned that some put cracked eggshells back into the carton - and keep them in there. Dana said she was so grossed out she's sworn off eating eggs at other people's homes 'forever'. (Which begs the question of, how often does one eat eggs at someone else's home anyway?)

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D&P Highlight: Wait...what do you do with your egg shells?!
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Grossed out or not, apparently this is exactly what Dana does! She puts her cracked eggshells in the carton and back into the fridge -- she thinks that takes care of the developing aroma. Parks thinks that's a little strange, he just uses the garbage disposal or throws them away.

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