Brett Young's "Lady" video would have been very different if he wasn't under lockdown

Brett Young
Photo credit Photo: Jason Kempin / Getty Images

Brett Young's latest, "Lady," is written about his wife Taylor and for his daughter Presley, and the video was shot gorgeously and cinematically at a house in the California desert. But if the region hadn't been under lockdown at the time the video was shot because of the pandemic, the video would have had a very different look and feel.

“We were staying at that house in Palm Desert, quarantining," Brett explains in a statement from his label. "At the time, Riverside County, it was a $1000 fine if you walked out your front door without a mask on. Everything was very tight, and we knew we needed a video.

"And so, my buddy Seth Coopersmith – who did the ‘Catch’ video and the ‘Mercy’ video – I said, ‘Seth, this is gonna sound ridiculous, but you’re coming from Oregon. I can’t have you on a flight. I need you to drive, so it’s gonna be 17 hours, and I need you to shoot it all by yourself.'

"And he got in the car and drove down [to California], and he shot it with one camera and a drone," Brett continues. "And it’s one of the most special things. Obviously cinematically, he would loved to have had a 20-person crew with a bunch of cameras at all times. But it’s like a home video on steroids. Nobody will ever have home movies like that.

"And so, it’s really special. It’s something we’ll never forget. And like the song itself, it’s something she’s gonna look back on later in her life and be like – as much as she’ll probably be like, ‘Guys, that’s embarrassing. Why’d you do that?’ She’ll also love that she has that.”