Police disperse Mayor Krewson protest camp outside St. Louis City Hall


ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — The sound of power washers replaced the voices of protesters outside St. Louis City Hall Friday morning.

St. Louis Police's bike patrol showed up at about 4 a.m. to get the group of protesters to disperse. Some words were exchanged between the two sides, but the crowd appeared to disperse without altercation.

In a conversation with KMOX's Kevin Killeen yesterday, Mayor Lyda Krewson warned those protesters were not going to be at City Hall for very long.

"It's certainly not something that we need to distract us from doing the real work for the 300,000 people that live here in the city of St. Louis," Krewson said. "City Hall has to be open to the citizens of the city."

City crews were out on Tucker south of Market, power washing the words "RESIGN LYDA" from the road. Others could be seen hauling away couches, dressers, and other furniture from the tent camp.

By greeting protesters with 200+ police, some in riot gear, at 4am at the occupy city hall protests, I can only imagine what is to come this weekend. Bad move.

— MariaChappelleNadal---- (@MariaChappelleN) July 10, 2020

Meanwhile, St. Louis Police are confirming a fight that happened Thursday night at the protest camp outside City Hall.

There are dozens of tents, living room furniture & banners have been hung outside City Hall in downtown St. Louis.Mayor @LydaKrewson tells @KMOXKilleen what the the protesters are doing is illegal & she plans to do something about it soon.#KMOXRewind: https://t.co/vbhf67Uwxa pic.twitter.com/XdLAfCo73F

— KMOX St. Louis News (@kmoxnews) July 9, 2020  A 59-year old man went to a local hospital with a large laceration in his shoulder. He says he was attacked by another man in the camp. Then, that man threw his tent onto the street. This follows what happened nearby Thursday morning, when two tow truck workers were attacked. 

Protesters surrounded them, climbed on top of the tow truck and laid down in the street in front of the truck.  Two men then assaulted the workers, hitting one in the face with an assault rifle and punching the other in the back of the head. The suspects then fled. No arrests have been made.

Krewson also tells KMOX she has no plans to resign.

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