TransitX Wants To Bring Futuristic Transit Pods to St. Louis

TransitX transit pod
Photo credit Photo supplied/TransitX

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — This is probably what the future looked like when you thought about it as a kid -- lightweight pods zipping people around the city on elevated ribbons called podways.

It's called Transit X -- founder and CEO Mike Stanley says six towns in the Atlanta area say they want the privately funded service, and it ground could break this year. Stanley says they'll start small.

It's a completely automated system :

  1. Passengers would use a smart device to hail a pod 
  2. The pod lowers from the podway down to street level
  3. Then, it raises you back up and takes you nonstop to the destination you input

Rates depend on distance, so you could theoretically pay as little as 25 cents.

Stanley says he's already secured nearly a billion dollars in funding guarantees from investment bankers. Transit X has outlined plans for many cities, including St. Louis, which initially would follow a similar path to Metrolink with an eventual north/south line plus more service in North County.

"315 mile network with 25,000 pods and 1,000 stops," Stanley told KMOX's Alex Degman.

No word on when, or if, this proposal would fly here.

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— Transit X (@TransitXCorp) July 9, 2017