PICS: Lake of the Ozarks frozen 'from shore to shore' for first time in years


OZARKS, Mo (KMOX) - St. Louisans who only see the Lake of the Ozarks on sunny, summer holiday weekends might be a bit shocked to see these photos.

Police and local residents around the lake have been sharing photos and videos of what appears to be a pretty historic freezing.

The Missouri Highway Patrol says at mile marker 16 on the Lake, where Highway MM crosses the main channel, the water is frozen from "shore to shore" and they believe that's the first time it's happened in years.

One person appeared to lose their boat from the dock after the water all around them froze. Police say they'll just have to wait until the ice melts to retrieve it.

Another resident shared video of how he's trying to battle the ice by running his dock's "bubbler" that's breaking up some of the ice.

"But it doesn't matter. It can't keep up," he says in the video

You can see more photos that have been share on social media from the lake, here:

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Featured Image Photo Credit: (Missouri Highway Patrol)