Report: About 40% of all underage COVID infections are in children ages 5-12

COVID test
Photo credit Getty Images | Drazen Zigic

As an FDA panel discussed whether or not to approve Pfizer’s COVID vaccine for children aged 5-11, it was revealed in a report presented by the CDC that 40% of all American children infected fell into that age group, as of June.

Those numbers went a long way towards the outcome of the panel’s vote – a 17-0 unanimous approval to move forward with allowing younger children to get vaccinated.

There are still more hurdles to clear, as the full FDA must give its approval before ending it on to the CDC for another advisory panel review.

It is possible though that the vaccine could be made available for children as early as next week.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, nearly 6.3 million children have been diagnosed with COVID-19, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The AAP also reports that children represent about 16.5% of all COVID cases, and for the week ending October 21, kids made up 25.1% of all newly-diagnosed cases. Child cases are also on an uptick currently, posting a 4% increase in the last two weeks.