Kansas Chamber applauds passage of COVID-19 bill


The Kansas Chamber and its members applauded the leadership of Kansas Senate and House of Representatives and Governor Laura Kelly for their support of comprehensive legislation that addresses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the state and business community. House Bill 2016 passed 107 to 12 in the House and 26 to 12 in the Senate.

"While not perfect, we appreciate all of the hard work put into crafting a bill that will protect Kansas businesses and health care providers, while also providing taxpayers oversight and protections under the emergency management act relative to executive power and authority," said Chamber President and CEO Alan Cobb. The legislature passed HB 2016 during a two-day special session ordered by Gov. Kelly. The bill modernizes the Kansas Emergency Management Act by strengthening legislative oversight of executive powers. It also provides limited liability protections for businesses who manufacture or sell personal protective equipment as well as protections for businesses from lawsuits for potential COVID-19 exposure on their premises. “We appreciate legislative leaders' dedication to addressing some of the significant concerns shared by the business community caused by this pandemic. As Kansas businesses begin to safely open back up for their customers, they can sleep a little better knowing frivolous lawsuits will not be a concern of theirs,” said Cobb.

The governor has said she will sign the bill negotiated by legislative leaders and her staff into law.