RUSH: Did Hunter Biden leave his laptop to be found?


RUSH: No. What you have to understand, the Hunter Biden laptop is actually not about Hunter Biden. None of this is about Hunter Biden. This is about Joe Biden. It isn’t about Hunter. Hunter Biden may actually be worthy of our sympathy. Now, I know some, “Come on, Rush. Don’t start getting soft.” I’m not getting soft on anybody here. In fact, folks, I’m getting harder and harder as a rock as the days go by here.

So the FBI now has the laptop. The FBI has — (interruption) what are you laughing at? (interruption) Not going… No, no, that’s not what I meant by — no, no, no. I’m talking about muscle, baby, muscle. Not Toob steak. What do you think I would possibly — you’re the guy got Toobin on the brain in there. (interruption) No, no, no, no.

Anyway, the FBI now has Hunter Biden’s hard drive, and it says here that it may contain images of underage girls from — dadelut, dadelut, dadelut — China. I still maintain that this is not about Hunter Biden.

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