RUSH: Georgia ballot video has not been debunked!

Photo credit AP Photo/Ben Gray

RUSH: Mollie Hemingway today has a story at The Federalist, and this story prints out to like seven — well, the first version printed out to 10 pages. I said, I can’t do that. Let me reformat this and see how small I can get it. I was able to get it down, the whole thing, seven pages. Still too long. So okay, now I gotta get in gear here, I gotta make the complex understandable.

What it’s about, last Thursday or Friday, I forget which, remember we had the story that the video of the suitcases being pulled out — there are four of them — being pulled out from under tables after the election observers had been sent home, the election observers were told, nothing to see here. You guys can go home. We’re not gonna count any more ballots tonight; so the election observers left. And then those suitcases were dragged out from underneath the table and there were 6,000 ballots inside each suitcase. And it’s a total of 24,000. They were counted after the Republican observers were sent home.

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