Sedgwick County Commissioners approve hazard pay for first responders

An emergency scene including both a fire engine and an ambulance.
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Sedgwick County Commissioners Wednesday morning approved hazard pay for first responders who face the coronavirus.

County Manager Tom Stolz says first responders are owed a lot during these difficult times. "I think we owe them two things. We owe them of course our gratitude and loyalty for all that they are doing. Their job on a good day is hard. You put this kind of component, this kind of pandemic component into society and now their jobs are even harder," he said.

It will cost the county an additional $361 thousand per month for the hazard pay. County employees like fire fighters and EMTs will receive an additional $200/month in pay. After taxes that amount will be about $150. The commission voted to approve the additional pay for at least 2 pay periods but could vote to extend this at a later date.

County employees who can telework from home are not eligible for the pay increase.

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