Better Business Bureau issues gun scam warning in Kansas

Better Business Bureau issues Gun scam warning in Kansas
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In the last year, six alleged gun distributors advertising physical locations in Kansas accumulated numerous unanswered complaints and thousands of inquiries to the Better Business Bureau. Nearly $10,000 in losses were reported by victims.

The most notable of these gun distributors is Firearms World. Firearms World claims to be physically located in Topeka. However, the BBB confirmed the address listed on the company website is a residential property owned by someone who isn’t affiliated with Firearms World.

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The company claims to have a Federal firearms license, but the BBB says that license doesn’t belong to the company claiming to be located in Topeka.

Other alleged gun distributors with unanswered complaints include; Handloading Supply in Ellsworth, Reloading Supplies in Baldwin City, Fort Scott Munitions in Fort Scott, Mega Fire Arms USA in Garden City, and Guns Shop Incorporated in Wichita.