Mayor, council members in heated discussion prior to Wichita City Council workshop

A KNSS News vehicle at Wichita City Hall
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Prior to Tuesday’s Wichita City Council workshop there was an, at times, heated discussion about the role Mayor Brandon Whipple had in attending a meeting at the White House last week.

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Council member Jared Cerullo brought up a tweet sent Friday afternoon by the Mayor as he returned from Washington, D.C.:

Whipple had spent a couple of days learning about the new infrastructure law and also attended a meeting with The NewDEAL, a national network of state and local elected leaders.

Cerullo said he could not recall approving money for the trip. Mayor Whipple said he paid for it on his own and that no taxpayer dollars were used. He said that he has attended NewDEAL meetings several times prior to becoming mayor. Whipple added he was not acting on behalf of the city. Cerullo and Council member Bryan Frye disagreed.

While Cerullo, Frye and other council members were OK with the trip, they argued he should have been more transparent. Whipple said he did not advertise the trip because of safety concerns, as his family has been the target of protests and death threats.