76% of voters did not cast a ballot in Sedgwick County for the General Election

Photo credit nito100/Getty Images

The Board of Sedgwick County Canvassers reconvened today, certifying the general election results from earlier this month.

Sedgwick County Election Commissioner Laura Rainwater said nearly 80,000 ballots were cast.

Voting methods were:

*Voting at the polls on Election Day — 45,429 (57% of voters).

*Early in-person voting — 15,699 (nearly 20% of voters).

*Advance by mail — 17,144 (21.5% of voters).

76% of registered voters did not vote this year in the General Election -- voter turnout was 24%.

The Sedgwick County Election Office is now preparing for the presidential primary in March.

Featured Image Photo Credit: nito100/Getty Images