Wichita City Council: “Less red tape, more red carpet”

KNSS News vehicle at Wichita City Hall
Photo credit KNSS News

The Wichita City Council approved an ordinance revision aimed at speeding up petition approvals for property improvements.

Right now, new or revised petitions that receive 100% approval by adjacent property owners can still take as long as five weeks to get through the system. Under the revised plan, it would take just one week and will remain on the city's consent agenda schedule.

Council member Bryan Frye says the revision will help all parties involved. “We talk a lot about getting rid of the red tape and creating more red carpet. Having this speed to the market and being able to get projects online and developed quicker helps the entire city,” he said.

Projects that don't receive 100% approval will come before the council as new business.

In other news, the city agreed to provide water service to an area that was annexed by the city back in March 2019, that is currently getting water from Sedgwick County Rural Water District # 3. That plot of land is east of Rock Road, near McConnell Air Force Base. The switch over will cost the city just over $218 thousand.

Look for improvements to O.J. Watson Park. A four-season shelter/event center will be built on the west side of the park at a cost of nearly $1.4 million.

Finally, the city approved $1 million to help with improvements and repairs to sidewalks in the city.