Family wants answers after 2 roommates disappear, saying it could be cartel-related

Detective board with connecting information.
Detective board with connecting information. Photo credit Getty Images

The families of two roommates who were last seen in December 2020 are calling for answers about where their loved ones are, as little information has been made available since they went missing 27 months ago.

The roommates, Ira Lee Briscoe, 25, and Limon Little, 49, were living in West Plains, Missouri, at the time of their disappearance.

The Howell County Sheriff’s Office posted about the disappearance of Briscoe on its Facebook page, noting that he was “missing under suspicious circumstances” after his mother, Marilyn Briscoe, last saw him on Dec. 17, 2020.

A report from NewsNation on the disappearance of the two says that police have not confirmed whether the cases are connected, if there is any foul play expected, or if it is related to the drug cartel activity in the area.

Marilyn Briscoe has posted about her missing son online, pleading with anyone who knows something to come forward. She also admitted that Briscoe had been involved with drugs and could have seen the cartel’s activity in the area as an opportunity.

“He said, ‘You don’t have to worry about me no more, Mom. I got it. I’m in with the cartels,’” Marilyn Briscoe said.

On Facebook, Marilyn Briscoe shared her efforts to locate her son, including holding vigils and searching through dumpsters and caverns, all of which have come up short.

“I’m exhausted. Totally exhausted. You know what all this is from? It’s from me climbing in a cave the other day. For 3 hours. Me!” she said on Facebook.

Still, the St. Louis mother has been left with no answer about where her son is.

Police shared an update with NewsNation about the case, saying that they’ve issued multiple search warrants and evacuated several potential burial sites, but nothing has been found.

The case is still labeled as ongoing, but Marilyn Briscoe continues to ask for someone to help close it.

“All we’ve asked for is somebody to please tell us where our son is. That’s all. If it’s a body or whatever, we’ll take it,” she said.

There have been nine arrests made in connection with the case, but no one has been charged in the disappearance of the two men.

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