Teen ends up in another country after playing hide-and-seek in a shipping container

Shipping containers.
Shipping containers. Photo credit Getty Images

Depending on how you look at it, this may or may not be the best hide-and-seek spot ever.

Earlier this month, a teen was found inside a shipping container at Malaysia’s Port Klang after workers at the port heard knocking coming from inside the container. Workers were puzzled by the boy’s presence in the container, especially when they realized he couldn’t speak their language.

The boy, identified by officials as Fahim, wound-up in the container while playing hide and seek with friends. When the shipping container locked by accident, he had no means of escape, according to a report from the India Times.

The spot proved effective, as his friends weren’t able to find him, but he did end up pretty far from home as the container was loaded onto a shipping vessel on Jan. 11 and didn’t end up in Malaysia until Jan. 17.

A video shared on social media showed the boy emerging as workers opened the container. In it, he can be seen in dirty clothes looking confused and dazed from his six-day journey in the metal box.

When workers found Fahim, they contacted local authorities, realizing something wasn’t right. Law enforcement responded and immediately suspected his presence was a possible human trafficking case.

Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail, Malaysia’s Home Minister, spoke with the country’s national news agency Bernama about the situation.

“He was the only one found in the container. A police report was lodged, and as he was having a fever, he was taken for medical examination,” Ismail told Bernama.

While the boy was receiving medical treatment, an investigation revealed that Fahim was 15 years old and from Chittagong, Bangladesh, approximately 1,600 miles from where he wound up.

The investigation by Malaysian police also eliminated human trafficking as a reason for his being in the container.

“Investigations found no elements of human trafficking. The boy is just believed to have entered the container, fell asleep, and found himself here,” the Malaysian home minister said earlier this month, Bernama reported.

The process to return Fahim to his home started last week, and Malaysian officials have shared that he could return to Bangladesh on the same ship he left on. Whether or not the same shipping container would be involved was not shared.

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