CA Health Officials Launch COVID-19 Online Modeling Tool for Researchers, Residents

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This week, California health officials launched a new COVID-19 online tracking and assessment tool that looks at the virus both statewide and locally. It's called the "California COVID Assessment Tool," and public health officials hope that it can help researchers and the general public access short-term and future scenarios for all of California. Developers of the tool intend on eventual collaboration with researchers from other states. The beta version of the tool was released on Monday, and Governor Newsom said he hoped it would help residents better understand the impact of the virus on the state. “We want to give them access through an open-source platform to all of the available data that we have that I have, that our health professionals have, in a way that we don’t believe has been done anywhere else in the United States,” Newsom said. “This is a deep dive for transparency and openness.”Newsom was also expected to instruct all state agencies to make coronavirus information publicly accessible, as long as it does not include information that will violate privacy.

The White House coronavirus task force on Friday afternoon will hold its first briefing with reporters in nearly two months.

The briefing, to be led by Vice President Mike Pence, will take place at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). 

It is unclear if Dr. Anthony Fauci or Dr. Deborah Birx will be at the briefing. 

The LAPD, LAFD and both the county's Sheriff's Department and the county's Fire Department have all been impacted by COVID-19.

The Los Angeles Police Department has a total of 220 employees who have tested positive for the Coronavirus.  In addition, the Los Angeles Fire Department has a total of 60 members who have tested positive for the Coronavirus.