Federal Counterterrorism Warns of Ambush-Style Attacks on Police Nationwide

Federal counterterrorism officials have reportedly alerted police departments nationwide that first responders could be terror targets.

The report is titled "PERSISTENT THREAT OF TERRORIST AMBUSH ATTACKS ON FIRST RESPONDERS," and warns of ambush-style attacks against police officers and emergency services personnel, without any planning. 

"Due to their high visibility and 24/7 accessibility, on-duty first responders are susceptible to becoming victims of ambush attacks," states the report issued this week.

CNN is reporting the warning went out this week. It's unclear if it's in any way connected to the deadly drone attack on the top Iranian General.

That's Dr. Erroll Southers, professor of national and homeland security at USC.   He tells KNX alerts like this are quite uncommon.

KNX talked with LAPD and the LA Sheriff's Department, and both agencies say they're not immediately able to confirm the alert or comment on it just yet.

This is a developing story.