This 15-Year-Old Girl from OC is Helping the Homeless with Sanitation Kits


Fifteen-year-old Shaivi Shah from Rancho Santa Margarita is doing something to help out the homeless community in Los Angeles amid the coronavirus spread.

She has organized and made sanitation kits for homeless people to deal with the coronavirus outbreak. 

She said she found out one of the most vulnerable communities is the homeless community. 

The kit includes hand sanitizer hand soap, lotion and masks to help protect homeless people.

Shah said she's raised about $1500 via GoFundMe and contacted and donated to four homeless shelters in Orange County. She said the homeless shelters were "super excited."

"Watching the news, reading about coronavirus I thought I have time, I can do something to impact people that don't have no protection, they don't have anything. I have the tools so why not help them out?" she says. "I've made over 150 kits so far. She added she's made them over the past week because she's out of school.

She said she's contacted some people from school to help and also had help from her parents.

She does mention that finding hand sanitizer now has been a challenge.